Lucky number 3

We’re back at it again with another track from our friends over at Soundcloud! This time they were trying to get the sound of relaxation in the middle of a storm! So have at it:




What’s up Infidels?

Today, we’d like to ask you a question; have ever experienced ‘that’ feeling? What we mean by this is the uncomfortable but relaxing feeling. The feeling that can make you just jump out of your seat cause it feels like something is crawling up your leg while making you want to continue sitting down.

Our friend over at soundcloud have managed to solidify this feeling in a track they made, check it out:


The ‘High’ Horse

So i hope you guys liked our new series with Peter the Paraplegic Penguin! We’re gonna be introducing even more characters in the future stories.

But today, We’re gonna be looking into the ‘High Horse’ who’s always around Peter.


Peter the Paraplegic Penguin

What is up Infidels?!

We’re sorry for the late upload, but we’ve been working on a new ‘pseudo – series’ called Peter the Paraplegic Penguin along with the next chapter of B&E.

So, we’d like formally introduce you to our new series, The daily life of Peter the Paraplegic Penguin!



What’s up Infidels?! To celebrate all those of you who have been following us all these years, we’ve decided to make your reading experience is made easier. So, we went ahead and created and Instagram for Infidel comics! You can look us up on Instagram under @infidelcomics.