Eternal Traveler chapter 5

We’re back at Earth, looking at John’s final moments before he is launched into space for humanity’s maiden voyage into the frontier that is Lightspeed Travel!
What could possibly happen at such a momentous occasion, we wonder……

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The adventure continues! Barrel & Edge new chapters.

We’re very sorry for the long-ass wait (if you were waiting), but it’s here now! The new B&E arc is here and it’s called Eternal Traveler, we’ll be introducing a few new characters with this arc and we hope you’ll like them! Cause if you don’t….well you don’t.

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So, as you all know, Christmas is upon us! Go forth and be merry in the name of….


Also, he was nice enough to visit our office to drop his christmas card that we’d like to share with all of you. Thanks for all the ‘support’ and check back sometime soon, we’ve got some shit comin out in 2019!