Back at it!

What is up Infidels?! We’re very sorry for the current hiatus, but one of us fell sick and couldn’t get up, so he decided to stay in bed FOR A MONTH! But we promise you that we’ll be back very soon with stuff that looks like this:
Eternal traveler chap 1 pg 8

But if you want something to read in the meantime, check our series B&E:


House on fire

We’re back again with another fire track from our friend over at soundcloud. It literally means house on fire….we think…


Here’s some context:
– Waiter has two meanings in the Malaysian language depending on how you use it.
– Waiter means a waiter, while Wait-er translates to ‘penunggu’ which means a guardian spirit such as Djinns or Ghosts.

We’re sorry to our international readers, but you know we gotta holla at our peoples once in a while.

So, we took some time off early this year, but we’re now back at it again with new strips!!!