Here’s some context:
– Waiter has two meanings in the Malaysian language depending on how you use it.
– Waiter means a waiter, while Wait-er translates to ‘penunggu’ which means a guardian spirit such as Djinns or Ghosts.

We’re sorry to our international readers, but you know we gotta holla at our peoples once in a while.

So, we took some time off early this year, but we’re now back at it again with new strips!!!



Saturday jam

How’s your Saturday so far? Here’s some chill tunes from our friend over at Soundcloud to help you calm the hell down and just chill:


What’s up Infidels?

Today, we’d like to ask you a question; have ever experienced ‘that’ feeling? What we mean by this is the uncomfortable but relaxing feeling. The feeling that can make you just jump out of your seat cause it feels like something is crawling up your leg while making you want to continue sitting down.

Our friend over at soundcloud have managed to solidify this feeling in a track they made, check it out: