Peter the Paraplegic Penguin

What is up Infidels?!

We’re sorry for the late upload, but we’ve been working on a new ‘pseudo – series’ called Peter the Paraplegic Penguin along with the next chapter of B&E.

So, we’d like formally introduce you to our new series, The daily life of Peter the Paraplegic Penguin!



What’s up Infidels?! To celebrate all those of you who have been following us all these years, we’ve decided to make your reading experience is made easier. So, we went ahead and created and Instagram for Infidel comics! You can look us up on Instagram under @infidelcomics.

Face breakers

So this comic strip doesn’t really have like a hidden or a broader message, we just saw a clip of the 2012 movie; Spring Breakers. So we thought, “i wonder what a face breaker would look like?” and this piece of shit came to life, check it out: