There will always be the 1% high society in any country or society who always thinks they are the epicenter of everything. But we have to ask the question; are they really all that?

Is the 1% really as great as they are made to be? Are they really the paragon of wealth, culture, power, and knowledge? Well, we won’t know until we actually see one, so here’s us trying to portray them from our imagination:


Too chill

Following up on the Ashura track from a while back, this is a continuation of the Five Celestial Forms EP that our friends are making over at Soundcloud! This track is best paired with any arc of our B&E web series.


With the current flood of RPG games such as Nier Automata, Final Fantasy 15, etc… we decided to look into the aspect of ‘leveling up’ or upgrades.

Imagine if you can mentally and physically upgrade yourselves, to enhance any body part based on whatever currency you own at the time. You get to outshine The Rock or even Vin Diesel with just a little upgrade! So, going on with this train of thought, here’s an illustration for our ‘point’: