We’re so sorry for the delay this week! We’ve been cooking up a storm with B&E and we can’t wait to publish it here for you infidels!

Anyways, this week let’s look at the bane of most men’s existence; SIZE! Apparently they think its not masculine or it makes them effeminate to have a small dick. But I’ve seen guys with one testicle who’re worth more than most men. Also, this logic where if a guy has a big ‘something’ it means he’s making up for the size of his dick is kinda stupid. Some pornstars and UFC fighters drive big GNC trucks and we all have seen what they keep under the hood.

To clarify, we don’t own any big trucks, nor do we claim to have small junks, but we’ve seen people victimizes for it and….well…the infidels wants it to stop. Let’s all just chill together and talk about the sizes of people’s ears and heads instead! I mean….that’s infinitely funnier than a ‘small dick’.



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