Ghost in the Shell

The Live Action remake of the anime – movie Ghost in the Shell just came out recently and we have to admit…it’s pretty good! From the visual aspect all the way to the message that it tried to bring forward, everything was clean as hell. But we only have one problem, the same problem we had with the original anime – movie; THERE WERE NO BLOODY GHOSTS OR SHELLS!

We know that the ghost refers to the human spirit/ brain and the shell is the cybernetic bodies…But come on….

To rectify this frustration, we decided to create a 4 panel trailer for an actual ghost in the shell movie!



Loneliness is something that is very difficult to cure, more often than naught, the cure is always companionship. But what happens to those who have no one to go to? Well, the next best alternative would be music! Especially music that speaks of loneliness or personifies it, here is such a track. May this music help all you lonely infidels out there.


What is up Infidels, our friend over at Soundcloud has made yet another track for our listening pleasure! This track is great to listen to while you’re out and about, preferably while exploring, hiking, and such! So why not get off your ass today and let’s go out looking for Majestic Horizons!

That one friend

We all have and know that one friend who can’t follow simple instructions, and who thinks they are the smartest around. So even if you tell them they’re wrong, they’ll just turn it around and say you’re wrong! So to just show how we see them through our eyes, check out the comic strip below.