Hype but relaxed

Most people tend to veer towards one extreme: upbeat and hyped – up or relaxed and chilled – out.

But what if you can integrate and mix the both of them, you can choose when to get hyped up and when to relax, which in our opinion is a godsend.

And so, our friend over at Soundcloud tried to produce a track that is both chilled out and hyped up to reflect one of our B&E character; Vic. Do let us know what you think baout it!

Best paired with the Barrel & Edge web Рseries: https://infidelcomics.wordpress.com/barrel-edge-2/



We all love Ed Sheeran, but imagine if you only loved one shape of a specific person. It’s be hell if he/ she got fatter, thinner, or buffed up cause the shape would have changed. Here’s an illustration to help me ‘illustrate’ our point.


Almost everything has got two side to it, from music all the way to business! For example, our series Barrel & Edge has got two sides to it; Vic and Dom, Infidel Comics also has two sides to it; B&E and the weekly strips.

And so, to illustrate this in a more direct manner, check this shit out:


So Vikings have been a thing since…well, forever…and it’s only gonna get way more exposure at the rate we’re going with shows like History Channel’s Vikings and Marvel’s Thor!

But maybe we should take a step back and assess these metaphorical heroes we’ve been rooting for. Vikings used to make a habit of killing, pillaging, and raping entire villages during any of their skirmishes back in the early 1000s. They were kinda like sea Genghis Khans!
So let’s all just remember that fact the next time someone says; “I WANNA BE A VIKING”

To illustrate our point, here’s a comic strip: