Well, well, well…Christmas finally rolled over like a warm blanket full of lies. The hardest part about Christmas this year was that we had no idea what kind of strip to do…do we make fun of Santa for being too joyous that he OD’s on happiness, do we make the elves akin to Chinese children working in sweatshops, or do we make fun of Rudolph?

that’s just it, Rudolph gets all the spotlight every year, but not right kind. He has a condition, and it’s bad….real bad! So we’re here to tell you that it’s not okay to make fun of someone just cause they’re a slave to the most joyous person on the planet! I mean, Santa made Rudolph a slave just cause he can light the way in the dark.

But, in all seriousness, Feliz Navidad! Have good one this year Infidels!



Girls and friends

When you think about it, the only way to practice how to be a good partner is to practice being nice to your female friends. But the one thing they can’t give you that a girlfriend can is sex.

No matter what motivations you might have, when a girl offers sex as the reward….you’d want to say yes! Let me illustrate this point with the comic strip below:



Earlier today, we went to a friend’s wedding and found out that he didn’t know what was waiting him after the reception. He had no idea the hardships of being a parent or of being in charge of an entire household!

So we dedicate this to you Din!