Back to our regularly scheduled programs

Now that Twilight Capital is over, we are back to our regular comic strips! If you havent read B&E Twilight Capital yet, here you go:

Today, let’s talk about the rain. It’s been raining relentlessly here at the Infidel’s office, but we’re not complaining. If you complain loud or hard enough, the clouds might hear you and….well see for yourself.



Twilight Capital Chapter 7 (Final)

We have finally reached the end of Twilight Capital! Did Vic manage to deliver a finisher or was it not enough? Check out the finale:

We also would like to tell you how much we appreciate those who have been reading our B&E series (you know who you are). If you like our work on B&E or the weekly comic strips, do let us know in the comments or just visit our Facebook ( and tell us what you think of our stuff!

Now that Twilight Capital has ended, war will be coming.

Barrel & Edge vs The Century Legion!

Stay tuned for any updates on the next arc which will be coming sometime early next year!twilight-capital-chap-7-pg-2