Twilight Capital Chapter 5

As we promised, here comes some B&E action! Better stay seated for the whole thing or you might be flung into space.



Twilight Capital Chapter 4

Hold on to your pants cause shit is about to get real!

The Century Legion sends their first wave of attack towards B&E and here’s the catch; it’s just one person and this guy has the ability to literally cleave a small moon with just his blade! So let’s all see how Vic and Dom will handle this.




You know how people say; don’t incur the wrath of god? Well, what if they meant that only up in heaven?!

What if people going up to heaven gets smacked back down to earth cause they pissed god off so much that even HE don’t want them in his kingdom!

And what if that is how we get cases of people coming back to life after dying a few minutes?!


Twilight Capital chapter 2

Our favourite space bandi – i mean space mercenaries are at it again! Vic and Dom has finally found work at the Capital but it doesn’t always appear to be the jobs they thought it was. Well, when you’re the dumb one in an advanced intergalactic colony of people, that makes you a special cookie in space.

check out chapter two here: