Guys, the next time a hobo comes up to you to ask for money; just give it to them. they’ll need it more than you ever will! But the thing is; most of the time, when a hobo asks for money, people keep saying “it’s okay” and “no thanks”.

….soooo…..are they gonna give money or take it? Why do you say it like the hobo is offering you money?! WHY??!!!




Everyone has that moment where they get frustrated with their electronic equipment or machine, what we don’t get is; why do you rage at those things? I mean, it’s not like that computer can even pretend to understand your rage. All it knows is that it’s going to die from all the beating it’s getting because the owner couldn’t afford that 500 dollar upgrade it sorely needed. So chill. and this is what you look like when you rage:

rage against the machines