There are plenty of sad things in this world and one of them is poverty. It can drive people to the brink, the edge where they can never come back from! But there are those who persevere through it all. And to these people we applaud their grit and spirit! But there are also those who take advantage of their status and use it to get what they want. Dude, if you’re poor, you don’t need to be a dick about it. People will help you, but you gotta be willing to be helped too.




Some people in the world are just intensely xenophobic or just plain racist. This is funny to us because it’s 2016 and both those things are so 1990. If you’re just basic racist, the best thing you can do is to ignore all the foreigners and expats. Also, here’s the thing; WE’RE THE INFIDELS! HOW ARE YOU WORSE THAN US?!! FUCK!


The reason we’ve been a bit slow on our comic strips is cause we’re trying to finish up the next B&E arc! Meanwhile, you can enjoy our current comic strips and also the last three arcs here:





At this day and age we are still faced with a crisis that involves people running away from their homes due to certain circumstances. What’s worse is that the crisis doesn’t stem from the fact that they’re away from home, but that others wont extend a hand to help them! If all the major countries in the world would just band together and each take a little of the refugees, it’d help alleviate the situation. But instead, one of the great nations opted the opposite instead at a great risk no less! Come on people, it’s bloody 2016, can’t we all just get along?

cereal refugees

It’s finally here!

Happy Eid in advance guys!!!! Our message to all drivers out there driving back to their respective hometowns is to DRIVE SAFE GUYS. DON’T BE DICKS, ASSHATS, AND DOUCHEBAGS! Well…that’s about it, see you guys soon!
OH! In other news, B&E is making a comeback soon, so stay tuned!!!!

Grape Wars

We all dislike getting old cause along with it comes some afflictions like…forgetfulness and back aches! But have you ever thought, maybe…just maybe…all those stories your terrifically old grandparents told you about that sounds weird are…true? Just think about it.

grape wars