Fast & Furious

Everyone is on edge and angsty when it comes to the fasting month Ramadhan. However, no matter the situation circumstance, nothing can excuse your own bad behavior! So don’t act like an ass while everyone else is going through the same thing as you. Chill out and if you feel like you can’t take it anymore…well, fuck off then.

Fast & Furious



So the reason the strips have been slow lately is cause Robert has been slacking his ASS OFF! This is mainly cause by him getting sick over the course of the last few weeks. But chill, it’s nothing a whip and a few words of encouragement can’t fix!robert 7

Happy Ramadhan and Happy Fasting

We have finally reached yet another fasting month! They always come a little earlier than the year before but, it makes no difference. You still go through it every year and celebrate at the end of it. However what’s changed is the amount of…ghosts over the years. We now have multiple fictional ghosts that kids will think is tied up over the month of Ramadhan. Imagine if it was real, wouldn’t the older ghosts get pissed off? Mainly cause…they don’t die or age so….

selamat berpuasa


All the chain stores and quick marts around the world are always worried about petty theft mainly because they’re lazy to redo their inventories. So why don’t all the petty thieves unite in the common goal of stealing shit that isn’t obvious. Something they wouldn’t know had gone missing! But when they know, it’s already too late! So go forth and be creative!!!


Enough of your shit!

So we are all very much acquainted with domestic violence but we can never wrap our heads around the reasoning. Some couples fight for the dumbest reason while others just don’t know how to solve their differences. However, whatever it is, we can all agree that it’s the entire world’s favourite past time! Well, because everyone does it so….i’m guessing so….right?