When we see someone or something that came from a certain culture, we tend to associate it with the common stereotype of said culture. But it’s funny because every country has its own stereotype of their own!

Americans thinks that Asian people can’t drive, while there are master – class drivers among the Asian community!

There are middle eastern people who think that all Americans are evil while there are American volunteers who are fighting for their rights and vice versa.

So think, when you see the strip below, does it reflect stereotypes or is it just a reflection of culture?

yemeni cricket



When you feel sad, it’s easy to just sit and mope around all day. But it takes a lot to overcome it and move past the sadness. All you need to do is just NOT MOPE AROUND AND GET OVER IT!

mopey dick


Some people are just so ready to jump at whatever you say regardless of your topic or context, we call these people assholes. The only thing you can do or rather, should do when it comes to these people is; let them talk all they want. They’re just words anyways and if it somehow manage to hurt you in any way, smack them around a bit.

Because remember kids; violence can do wonders in any situation! Speaking of violence, Barrel & Edge will come out in…..a few months! We’re still working out the kinks here and there. So for now, enjoy this shit:



Being thoughtful kinda means that you are always thinking about how your actions and/ or words affect others. But where’s the fun in that, try being selfish for once! Think about how things can be fun for you, how things can be interesting to you, and how fun it is to see others SUFFER BEFORE YOUR MAJESTY!


On a lighter note, being thoughtful can make people happy which in turn can make YOU happy too! So try being thoughtful for once….you piece of shit…

selfish stick


Everyone has a best friend, be it imaginary or not. You must always treasure that bond because no one else will. Imagine; one day you run into your high school best friend and he just asks you “What happened to us?”.

I would just answer, “Sorry i wasn’t gay and i’m still not”. But if you ARE gay, then just tell him you had better ass to chase back then!