Success is never that far away from your reach, but the important thing is that you don’t give up! Trees go through life without doing much and not being chopped down is considered a success for them! Trust us, we talk to trees. So with that in mind, i guess the best is to lower your expectations and branch out until you get what you want.



Heat Wave

So Malaysia has been hit by a heatwave like some parts of the world, but instead of getting help, the water supply’s even getting cut! So we know now, it’s time to move…to your friends house where you can get water for free. Owh, and FYI:


Robert skipping work

Robert has been skipping work with the tenacity of a hungry racoon and we wonder why does he do it. We treat him well, feed him, but then we realised why; it’s because we don’t pay him….also because he’s a horse.



Suicide Squad

We at Infidel Comics do not condone the act of suicide or the act of imitating suicide.

The thing that boggled our minds today is that there is a group called the Suicide Squad in the DC universe that acts as a ‘mercenary group’ for the government. Our question is that why are they killing OTHER PEOPLE if they chose to include the word ‘suicide’ in their group? And don’t gimme the ‘it’s cause they go on suicide missions’ bullshit!

suicide squad