We have never been to the Easter Island, but we would like to think that those heads came from an ancient giant race. One of them got caught sleeping with the mayor’s daughter and as punishment; the entire race’s heads got lopped off!




We decided to leave Robert alone in a room to see if he will do any work. After a few hours, we came back to see the result of his efforts, and it was quite amazing. But the thing is…it doesn’t benefit us in the slightest and it ISN’T WORK!

Plus, how the hell does he even hold onto a marker pen to all this:


The Ke$ha trial

With all the attention directed towards Ke$ha’s trial against her producer, we have decided that Infidel Comics should step in and speak our minds! Well, we’re not good with words and Robert isn’t doing his job so we came up with a visual representation instead.

kesha trial

Robert’s 2nd day

Robert has been here for more than a day, which is more than anyone! For such an achievement, we will honor him with another entry. Robert is in charge of content and promotions for the Infidel Comics brand, but as you can see….he isn’t very good at his job. Mostly due to the fact that he is a fucking horse….as clearly shown here…..he can’t even open his left palm because it’s glued to the damn suitcase. He doesn’t even need a suitcase, he fucking lives here!

robert 2