Criss Cross

So Christmas came and went….we didn’t even do a thing….so here’s a gift! Try guessing what it means.

jiblge bells


The search

Sometimes we spend years trying to look for someone or something and end up with empty hands. All we have to do is chill and the one you’re looking for will show up! Even if it is in a gigantic mansion or some cave in the middle of a desert.


7h3 N3W 4G3

Kids nowadays are so carefree with their language to the point that people can’t seem to understand them anymore. They keep saying ‘literally’ in every sentence without meaning it! Just imagine; when they say they’re literally dying…..and they died.

That’d be best for everyone…



Ever been to an amazing concert?

Want to go to one?

If we said that we would organise one, would you attend?!

Well, no dice….we wont be organising one. Tough luck! Check out this shitty strip instead!