Barrel & Edge new arc announcement

Greetings Infidels, we have finally made up our minds here at Infidel Comics for the upcoming arc! It will be titled ‘Twilight Capital’ where after their battle with ATOM, Dom and Vic stops by the Twilight Capital to refuel and rest. However, by accident they learn of a plot to wipe out the entire space sector that they are currently calling home! Look Forward to it!

The poster below is a concept art for one of the characters that will be introduced in the arc.




Who doesn’t like muffins? Well i don’t! Neither does the person who came up with this strip! But thanks anyway, Annatasha Saifol!


News and peanuts

Attention Infidels! The time has come again, it is the weekly updates! I don’t even know why we’re doing this, the updates are basically the same every week… But we do have an announcement to make, the preliminary designs and work for the next arc of Barrel & Edge is already on the way! we might have something for you guys next week! Stay tuned~

Some new shit thats not so new

Greetings Infidels, we bring great news! Starting from now on, our strips will be posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays just because we like days starting with a T. This week we have two new strips for you and we kinda noticed that our comic strips doesn’t come out on our followers’ timelines which is why we will continue to bug you with our weekly updates! SEE YOU GUYS NEXT WEEK!!!