Greetings Infidels! This week is the final week for the Barrel & Edge: ATOM with its final chapter uploaded here:


Starting next week, we will return to two – three comic strips a week and Barrel & Edge will be on a short hiatus while we work on the next arc. Check out our shit and have a nice day.




Final ATOM chapter

Morning Infidels! It seems to be a good morning today, except for the fact that the sun is in my face! Aaaaanyways, we have the LAST Barrel & Edge: ATOM chapter for you today! The final battle has ended and Omega is revealed to be the mysterious figure! Let’s see where Vic and Dom will go for their next adventure.

Thank you for following this series until now, do let us know what would like to see more of in Barrel & Edge and leave a comment! We will be back soon for the next arc which will be of epic proportions! Till then!

For chapter 12 click here:

Glorious return & updates!

Good Morning Infidels (If you just woke up, what’s wrong with you?)! So after a random break, Infidel Comics are back at the full capacity of a cat with no legs. We have just released Barrel & Edge: ATOM Chapter 11 yesterday that features one of the most underwhelming plot twists of all time! The 12th and final chapter for ATOM will be published next week that will wrap up the arc and hopefully answer some non-existent questions. Have a great weekend and check out ATOM chapter 11 here:

Short Break and Happy Eid

Greetings Infidels, we would like to announce that we’ll be on a short break this week for a little RnR. But we left you with a strip this week so don’t say we didn’t give you nothing!

Anyways we would also like to wish all the muslims a lively and happy Eid Al Fitr and may you have a good one this year!

Ciao and see you next week.