Hola Infidels! Here at Infidel Comics, we’ve just finished watching Game Of Thrones…and lemme tell you; it’s kinda gotten us off track from Barrel & Edge for a bit hehehe…but not to worry, B&E will still continue with it’s releases weekly!
This week we feature a rare one-panel strip about freedom fighters and a new chapter for B&E, will Dom survive the onslaught that is Omega or will he perish in battle? Check out https://infidelcomics.wordpress.com/barrel-edge-2/atom-begins/atom-chapter-7/ for more epicness. Till next time Infidels!


Omega owning!

As the battle between Omega and Dom continues, the difference in strength becomes more evident as Omega dominates the battlefield! Will Dom fall in battle or prove himself to be something more than just a regular mercenary, catch the latest Barrel & Edge here:


Ramadan Al Mubarak to all Muslim out there and weekly updates!

Hello~ Hello~ Infidels! How have you been this week? First off, we would like to wish all the Muslim Ramadan Al Mubarak and we hope that you have a great fasting month this year. This week we have a great chapter for B&E filled with insults and punches, check it out here:


We also have a very ocean-friendly comic strip for you this week, so check us out while waiting for Iftar and have a great week!

Weekly update with a serious note.

How’s it hanging Infidels? So we’re almost halfway through June and a lot has been going on with Earthquakes and Tsunami alerts. Our sympathies and condolences go out to the families who have suffered losses during the recent Earthquake that hit Sabah. The lost will be remembered and honored in their own respective, lest they be forgotten.

As for this week’s updates; Barrel & Edge is heating up with the revelation of Alpha’s master plan, hidden agenda, and Omega revealed here:



We have also completed our superhero week with two of our comic strips this week that feature heroes doing hero stuff with hero people.

Enjoy the rest of your week and hopefully it will be a better one next week!