Infidel Updates

Greetings Infidels, another weekly update for you guys is here! This week we have ATOM chapter 3, check it out to see the conclusion of Vic & Dom’s battle with Gamma and Beta. We also have an all new Infidel strip fresh outta the oven! How are you guys liking the new ATOM arc? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Enjoy your week and enjoy our stuff!


Atom chapter 3 out now!

The awaited moment, Vic and Dom finally faces off against ATOM members; Gamma and Beta! Will Vic’s blade and dom’s gun prevail or will they be left to die in space? Read on and find out the outcome of the battle!

Check out Atom chapter 3 here:

Infidel updates

Greetings infidels! How was your week, we bet it was better than ours! It’s been hectic this week getting out the newest Barrel and Edge chapter. So check it out, along with this week’s latest strip! Vic & Dom is about to be knee deep in trouble while our more…’friendly’ comic strip will have you knee deep in…something else. Whatever it is, enjoy!

ATOM Arc’s second chapter is out!

Greetings Infidels! Are you ready for another week of Barrel & Edge goodness? The second chapter of the Atom arc has just been uploaded for your reading pleasure. This week’s story reveals some of the ATOM’s members and they will prove to be more challenging than problematic! What are Vic and Dom’s next move? Read on to find out and don’t forget, we are still uploading our comic strips every week alongside Barrel & Edge so stay tuned!

Atom Chapter 2: