Final Rocky chapter

And so we close the first arc of Barrel & Edge with Vic and Dom running off with the loveable bio-mechanical spaceship, Rocky. Not to worry though because this is not the end of Rocky! Expect to see him in action in future arcs, fighting off other space giants, space pirates, space assassins and whatever hostile space things we can conjure up. Yes life isn’t easy for our mercenary duo but when is life ever easy?

We’d love to know what you think about the Barrel & Edge story so far. Do leave a comment below about anything related to the Rocky arc of B&E. Have a fine day, Infidels!

For your convenience, here’s the link to Rocky chapter 6


New B&E chapter is up!

How dumb of us to not post updates of new  Barrel & Edge chapters on the actual blog. The latest chapter of B&E is now up, with more mercenary madness! We will keep all you Infidels updated with the latest on B&E from now on. Please don’t kill us.

Click on the link below to go straight to chapter 5 of Barrel & Edge.

The birth of an Infidel!

Infidels! Today is a momentous day! It is a glorious day! For today is the birthday of one of the founders of Infidel Comics! He is the writer for almost all of our comic strips and the Barrel & Edge series. Despite all the challenges we at Infidel Comics faced, he has never given up on bringing you guys the best that we can achieve and have kept on pushing ahead. He defies all modern society criteria and common sense; he is truly a modern day infidel! So let’s celebrate the day this great Infidel was born and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!