A new milestone

We’d like to thank all you Infidels for your interest and support in Infidel Comics. We pick our brains (and our noses occasionally) every day to come up with funny shit to tell you guys. As you all know (if you’ve read our ‘About’ page), we’re a two man team with day jobs because infidels don’t get paid much, you see. So we try our best to post the nonsense you can find here every day but bear with us if we seem a little slow at times.

Important thing is, fellow Infidels, we’ll never forget this important milestone we’ve reached, and we hope you’ll all stay with us to fight the good fight saying “We can express our trashy toilet humor whether you like it or not!”

Before we head back to our Infidel Cave (The NSA will never find us here muahahaha!), please take note that contributions are welcome. We’d like to build a community of like-minded people to tell us their filthy jokes/stories, and we’ll do the drawing part. Your story will be credited of course. For now, these guys would also like to express their thanks to you!