We always hear this line in action movies that include the law enforcers: “Sweep this place”. But, we never see them actually sweep anything! Before you say it’s just an expression, we’d like to say….NO!



Here’s some context:
– Waiter has two meanings in the Malaysian language depending on how you use it.
– Waiter means a waiter, while Wait-er translates to ‘penunggu’ which means a guardian spirit such as Djinns or Ghosts.

We’re sorry to our international readers, but you know we gotta holla at our peoples once in a while.

So, we took some time off early this year, but we’re now back at it again with new strips!!!



Married life

We all have our problems at home, especially if you’re married. But no one party should be commanding the other! The husband respecting the wife and vice versa is how a household should be like. But hey, if it isn’t like that, then it’d look something like the illustration below:

whipped potato


Rampant Doctors

We all know you went to medical school and got that shiny ass degree/PHD/Masters, but we really don’t care! Some medical practitioners think that just cause they’re ‘Doctors’ in title, they know about every medical topic out there.

It’s even worse when they’ve been approved to work in clinics. If your doctor was Dr. House or Dr. Dre, it’s cool. But if it’s a dumbass who can’t even tell if you’re having a cold or Malaria, then that’s just a cunt. Check out the strip below for a visual representation.

By the way, since we finished the Legion arc of B&E (https://infidelcomics.wordpress.com/barrel-edge-2/5-the-legions-descent/) we’re back to our regularly scheduled program here at Infidel Comics, enjoy!